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  • Richardson 112 Loden/Black trucker hat with Strasser patch on front
  • BONE Bipod

    $379.99 The lightest, full-featured bipod in the World. The BONE’s legs are stored in line with the barrel, but can quickly be deployed to either 45 or 90 degree angles and lock securely into place. At right angles, the shooter has 20 degrees of pan, to enable tracking a moving target, and up to 45 degrees of tilt, all without repositioning. Full description, request to purchase below.
  • BONE Bipod Adapters

    With no less than seven different adapters, offers almost all shooters the possibility of coupling the BONE Bipod with a variety of weapons. The new BONE Bipod can be mounted on any fore-end stock with two screws, using the Universal Adapter. By means of a M-LOK, KeyMod and Picatinny adapter, it can also be combined with all modern sporting and official rifles. Request to purchase below.
  • Having more ammunition is only a bad idea if you're swimming or on fire. It's decidedly advantageous if you're facing down dangerous game, or have high volume opportunities such as wild boar hunting, whether in a traditional European setting or thinning out a herd in Texas. Our extended magazines give you more shots between reloads, and more time on target. Request to Purchase below.
  • ZEISS Ultralight 1913 Mil-Spec Rings are manufactured to the highest of standards, from premium materials, and with tight tolerances for your long-term safety and field applications. They are designed for optimal long-range shooting solutions and allow for either right- or left-handed operations as well as eye dominance. The bubble level is easily viewed from the shooting position, creating no disturbance in your shooting position. A smarter, sleeker, and ultralightweight ring design for all heavy-duty hunting and shooting applications. Request to Purchase below.
  • The ZEISS Victory® SF binoculars allow you to experience the most exciting hunting moments as never before. The optical perfection, the unparalleled field of view, the revolutionary ergonomics and the ultra-light design make this model the best all-purpose binoculars ever built by ZEISS. Experience the ZEISS Victory SF family as the most versatile premium binoculars in the company’s 170-year history. A large field of view is essential for spotting game as it enables you to cover large areas faster and to see small movements at the edge of the viewing field. Thanks to the combination of the ErgoBalance concept and its optimal weight distribution the ZEISS SF 32 is the perfect companion for stalk hunting.
  • ZEISS Victory V8 1.8-14×50

    This model adapts to a wide range of hunting applications around the globe. It provides excellent light transmission, with enough magnification to ensure maximum accuracy at most any distance. The large eyebox ensures fast and reliable shots in any situation – whether hunting game while stalking or hunting in low-light conditions.
  • The V8 1-8x30 is considered the most powerful close-range riflescope. At 1x magnification, it is ideal for target acquisition with both eyes open, as well as quick shots at short distances. At 8x magnification, the V8 allows for shots at mid- to longer-range distances. Request to Purchase below.  


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