Q: How long will it take for a custom order?

A: Custom orders lead-times vary and are dependent on the order itself. For questions about your specific order contact customer service at [email protected]

Q: I noticed there are many products that are available on the Strasser Austria website that are not available on the Strasser USA website, are these products available?

A: Strasser USA does not carry every offering available in the European market. contact customer service with your specific question at [email protected]

Q: How do I upgrade my existing Strasser rifle to customize it?

A: To place a custom order for your Strasser rifle, email customer service at[email protected]

Q: How do I order modifications to my existing barrel or a barrel that I am interested in purchasing?

A: To place a custom order for your Strasser rifle, email customer service at[email protected]

Q: Can I convert my current rifle caliber to another caliber?

A: Yes, depending on the caliber already owned and the desired caliber conversion there might be additional parts that are required for purchase. (bolt face and barrel) Contact customer service for additional questions.

Q: Should I lubricate my rifle?

A: Yes. All firearms require lubrication. Please follow the owner’s manual for instruction. Strasser USA recommends that you only use lubricants specifically designed for firearms applications.

Q: What kind of ammo can I shoot from my rifle?

A: Strasser USA recommends the use of only newly manufactured ammunition meeting SAAMI (www.saami.org) and/ or NATO specifications.

Q: What is SAAMI and SAAMI-compliant ammunition?

A: SAAMI = Sporting Arms and Ammunitions Manufacturers Institute. For information on their regulations or to see if your ammunition selection is SAAMI compliant, please go to http://www.saami.org.

Q: Can I use reloaded or hand-loaded ammunition?

A: No. The use of any ammunition that is not an American factory loaded, SAAMI approved round could be dangerous and will void your warranty.

Q: Can I add aftermarket parts to my rifle?

A: Adding after-market parts or accessories to your rifle could be unsafe, result in failure and may void your warranty. Please contact Customer Service before adding any non-OEM part or accessory to your gun.

Q: How do I ensure correct headspace when changing barrels?

A: Because your Strasser rifle is engineered to extremely tight tolerances, any barrel will work with any appropriately-sized bolt head. We permanently set headspace at the factory, so that you never need to worry about it.

Q: How can I get a copy of the owner’s manual for my rifle?

A: You can download the manual here.

Q: How many magazines are shipped with new rifle?

A: We ship one magazine with each rifle. You can purchase additional magazines from your local dealer or through our online store.

Q: Can I purchase a rifle directly from the factory?

A: Yes, Strasser sells only through our dealer network or directly with the transfer completed through a federally licensed dealer.

Q: Is online ordering secure?

A: Yes, your information is encrypted by industry standards. We take extra precautions to protect your privacy and security.

Q: I ordered incorrect items; how can I return them for exchange or refund?

A: Please contact customer service at +1(334) 593-3833 or email [email protected] with the order number within 30 days of your purchase. A customer service representative will assist you. Modified or damaged goods or those not in the original packaging cannot be accepted for exchange or refund.

Q: There are signs of wear on my stock, barrel or receiver; is there cause for concern?

A: Finish wear is normal and to be expected anywhere materials come in contact with each other.  Be sure to keep your rifle clean and well lubricated to prevent excessive wear. Finish wear is not covered by warranty.

Q: Can I order a firearm built to my specifications?

A: Within the options available, a customer can order a rifle to those offered specifications and available options. You can contact [email protected]for additional questions or to order. Additionally, the customer builder LIST THE LINK HERE is available to customize and order the rifle that you want.

Q: Do you make left-handed rifles?

A: Yes, Strasser USA does offer left-handed rifle but not in every model and orders must be made through [email protected]. Fees vary and shipping times are longer because these orders are shipped from Austria.