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Need additional versatility to hunt anything on earth? With its on-board tools, the RS14 Evolution gives you the ability to swap between multiple calibers in the field, while retaining zero. For anyone who doesn’t need the RS14 Evolution’s quick change barrel system, the RS14 Solo is the perfect solution, offering a lightning-fast straight pull action, coupled with our legendary engineering acumen.
RS700 Truck SM

RS 700

Strasser USA RS700

The STRASSER RS 700 is the latest innovation and revolution in straight-pull repeaters. By combining STRASSER’s “Passionate Innovation” with the renowned Remington 700 footprint, they have successfully created the world’s first STRASSER 700 straight-pull-action rifle, the RS 700.

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RS14 EVO Consul
Godzilla, Mighty Mouse. 458 Win Mag, 222 Rem. One’s a figment of the imagination, the other’s the span of cartridges we can accommodate in the RS14 Evolution, all without recourse to a gunsmith or even your favorite toolbox, as everything you need to change between calibers is carried on board the rifle. This is the last rifle you’ll ever need to buy, as it can handle anything from dangerous game to rodents, and do it with panache and aplomb.
We currently offer four different models to meet your needs, and regularly add new variants. Don’t see exactly what you want? Call us – our custom shop is at your disposal.

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The one that started it all. Developed for the fast-paced environment of European driven game hunts, where multiple wild boar and deer offer split-second opportunities in dense woods and quick follow up shots are a necessity. The Solo’s bolt feels like it’s sliding on ball bearings running on glass, in a bath of grease. Slick enough for you? We thought so. Wood to metal fit is impeccable, our barrel blanks are made by Europe’s best, and when they’re not making rifles, our technicians are building parts for the European Space Agency. True story.

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